Damages arising from impact, collision, fire, explosion, loading, transfer, unloading of goods transported by land-air-sea shall be secured under the conditions of the policy. Depot Waiting Coverage, Transfer Coverage, Initial Shipment, End Shipment and War, Strike coverages are also provided on request.

Institute Cargo Clauses (A) - All Risks (Comprehensive Coverage): Provides protection against all damages that the transported cargo suffers reaching from the departure warehouse to the arrival warehouse. Includes loading, unloading, and partial damage.

Institute Cargo Clauses (C) - Limited Coverage: The cargo being transported and the vehicle carrying it must be insured against any damage that they may incur during the transportation. The main risks that do not have this guarantee are the stolen, wetting and decrease of the load.

Full Loss Clause: It assures against the total damage of the goods together with the vehicle being transported and becoming unusable.